For Our Time in History

22 Feb

For Our Time in History

                Written in 1787 and amended in 1791, the Constitution of the United States guarantees us the right to bear arms.  That guarantee was given to us – during a time when it was critically needed – for at least three valid reasons. Those reasons were to protect ourselves against tyranny in government, to allow us means of obtaining food by hunting, and to provide personal protection for our family.  However, because our fears, our needs, and our times have changed, we should ask ourselves a very important question.   Do we really need to bear arms in today’s society? The answer is a resounding no.  And, here are the reasons why.

In the late 1700’s when the founding fathers were amending the constitution, early American depended on hunting for a large supply of their meat.   Thankfully today, we have a Winn Dixie, a Super Wal-mart, a Kroger, an Albertson or a Rouses on every counter offering an array of meat choices.  As a result, we no longer rely on hunting for food.  And, the argument that we should keep guns for hunting is no longer valid.  A trip to the grocery is not only more convenient but is much safer than hunting.

Second, when our founding fathers wrote the constitution, the fear of tyranny from our government was a real and present fear.  Why? We were just a few years away from the American Revolutionary War.  And, we were still replaying scenes of unjust taxes imposed to enrich the mother country in our minds when the constitution was written and an independent country was formed.  But, should we have that same fear today?  Of course not!  Those fears were from a totally different time and a different situation imposed by an outside antagonist. Today, when taxes are levied, they are for the common good of our citizens by our government, — whose intent is to protect our country and personal property, to finance economic infrastructure, to finance our educational systems, to provide a health care system, and to finance public transportation, to name a few, — and they are never imposed without a consenting voice from the majority of people.  “Taxation without Representation” can never again be our cry in America.  Why? Our forefathers made sure of that when they framed a government of three branches with checks and balances for the common good of all.  Our fear should never be that the government will dominate its citizens.  On the other hand, sadly, we can and must fear that a group of citizens armed with dangerous guns may siege and dominate the government.

Third, high-tech security systems present in many homes today, non-lethal devises such as the Taser C2 and other stun-guns, and modern surveillance equipment  are a few of the options for personal protection available today.  All are superior to the handgun because they are not lethal to either the intruder or family members.  Why then would we keep and use a pioneer-styled weapon that is destructive and dangerous when we have better options today?

Finally, consider the common sense logic of Thomas Jefferson who said:  “when a government becomes destructive, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it and to institute a new government that most likely effect their safety and happiness.”  Though, he was talking about tyranny and government, this same common sense logic can be applied to the second amendment clause pertaining to bearing arms.  Consider this: when a LAW becomes destructive, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it and to institute new laws that most likely effect their safety and happiness.    I propose that since handguns have become destructive to our citizens – even our babies – we need to abolish or alter the law concerning them to fit our present day safety and happiness.  Think about the Sikh Temple killings in Wisconsin, the mass theater murders in Aurora, Colorado, the US Representative attack in Tucson Arizona, the hundreds of black boys shot  in inner cities , and the Sandy Hook Elementary slaughter in Connecticut, and then do what must be done that is best for our time in history.

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